Wine tasting with Skibug & Le Verre Gourmand

To quote Withnail: “We want the finest wines available to humanity!”

And we want them for our guests on their catered chalet holiday! Which is why we have been putting our varying palates and opinions to the test with the expert help of Le Verre Gourmand, one of our suppliers.

We’ve always prized our choice of table wines as being a cut above. There’s no out-the-box-and-into-the-carafe here. No. We painstakingly – and what a pain it is to make one’s way through an Oenologist’s feast of an evening! – select a pairing of three different reds and whites for our tables each season…

The idea is to find a tipple that suites as many tastes and food pairings as possible. So a splash of Cabernet, with its dark stewed fruits and pepper, to pep up some delicious duck breast could be the ticket. Or maybe a dash of Sauvignon, with some crisp gooseberry acidity to cut through one of the myriad exceptional local cheeses.

And breathe. A lot of adjectives to digest there, but then a good wine is deserving of a good description, is it not?

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“I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food.”

 W.C. Fields


A profile of our Rare Vineyards wines…

During our tasting with Le Verre Gourmand, we re-visited the new vintages of a couple of our current table wines. Complimentary wines that will, we might add, sit free and easy on your table. Complimentary to all those who come out on one of our exceptional value catered chalet holidays. Just sayin’.

Anyway. With the memory of their taste fresh on our tongues, here’s what we have to say about ‘em.

Rare Vineyards – Carignan Vieilles Vignes:

Price: free for you.
Type: red.
Grape: 100% Carignan.
Tasting notes: wild cherry, stewed dark fruits, slight spice and hibiscus notes.
What we’d pair it with: The depth to this wine’s flavour, and it’s rich and spiced character, make it a perfect match for meat dishes such as duck and lamb. Moreover, its complexity can support aromatic sauces, such as that of a tagine.

A little bit of history: Vieilles Vignes translates to ‘old vines’. The Carignan grape is picked from vines that have been rooted in the sun-kissed soil of the South-East for over 40 years.

Rare Vineyards – Blanc de Blancs:

Price: absolutely nothing
Type: white
Grape: 100% Blanc de Blanc
Tasting notes: super-fresh, crisp, tangy lemon and mineral
What we’d pair it with: this wine’s crispness and acidity is perfect for cutting through the creaminess of a cheese such as Beaufort. Whereas its tangy lemon-ness compliments the freshness of white fish, maybe pan-fried along with the some fennel and cherry tomatoes.

A little bit of history: the grape variety is Ugni Blanc otherwise known as Trebbiano in Italy and is similar in some ways to Sauvignon Blanc in character. Blanc de Blancs is a term which is most used in champagne to denote a white wine from white grapes. Trebbiano is the grape used for Balsamic vinegar Di Modena.